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Hiring the right movers for your next move can be worrisome. It is important to follow these tips to assure you are hiring the correct movers for your big relocation.

If your office needs relocation it is important to research commercial moving companies that can tailor a move around your needs. There are companies that say they can attend to the needs of those who need to locate an office, yet they don’t have the tools or experience to get it done right.

Know when you’re talking to scammers. If a company is throwing numbers at you and hasn’t even been to your office, head for the hills and run. There is no way an individual can make an estimate over the phone. Additionally, if a packing company has no contact information it is highly recommended that you stay away. Plus, if you can’t find their office, would you really want to hire them anyway.

Take it a step further and look at the reviews online. Not everyone has the best experience but the reviews will always shed light on the identity of a company.

Visit the frequently asked questions page to get some insight about the procedures that commercial moving companies follow. What responsibilities will fall on you as the mover? What responsibilities fall on the commercial moving company throughout the packing process? You can find out a lot about a company before even speaking with a representative.

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Your Maryland movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage are proud to have the opportunity to help those who are dedicated to help fight for our freedom. As one of the local moving companies in Maryland we are standing by waiting for those in the armed forces to choose All My Sons to be their full-service moving company.

As a member of the military you will receive one-on-one planning and coordination with a certified moving consultant. During this time, a thorough estimate will be given to you directly to avoid all surprises that may occur during the moving process. As your full-service Maryland mover, we will go above and beyond to achieve the highest customer satisfaction to you and your family with expert home preparation and packing services. You will be provided with the highest-quality packing products to make a highly efficient, successful move.

As your Maryland movers, you and your family will all be treated like nothing less than a member of our family. All My Sons was created as a family-owned and operated business and that is the attitude we bring to the table every day to the customers who hire us. We have carried our commitment to family with us through for over four generations and will continue to do so for your military family.

If you have any questions regarding local movers, or are looking for packing supplies and moving tips visit our blog or call us at 410-247-6611.

Your flat screen television is a delicate and expensive item that requires proper packing to ensure its safety during transportation. Follow these tips from the Maryland movers at All My Sons for the best way to pack your flat screen TV to avoid any damage.

The best packing products to use for your flat screen TV are the original packaging. If you don’t have the original box or protective padding that was inside, don’t worry.

If you don’t have the original protective padding, you should wrap your flat screen TV using packing blankets or foam. You can also wrap the screen in bubble wrap for added protection, if you choose. Secure the wrapping with packing tape to keep it from shifting during moving. You should also tape any cords to the back of the TV to keep them from getting tangled.

If you no longer have the original box, you can purchase the correct sized packing products from your local Maryland moving company. Once you have the correct sized box, you should slide the TV inside. Make sure there is no empty space for the TV to rattle around. If you have any empty space, you should consider adding some packing paper to fill it. The box should be securely taped and you should reinforce the bottom to keep the TV from falling through.

Last but not least, clearly label the box “Fragile” and “This Side Up” on every side of the box. If you follow these tips to safely pack your flat screen TV, you should have no problems during your move!

Maryland is one of the smallest states in the country, but that doesn’t mean it has little to offer. If you’re considering a move to Maryland then you’ve come to the right place. The Maryland movers at All My Sons have been serving the people of Maryland for many years, and want you to be a part of that family too. Here are reasons why you should move to Maryland this summer:

Maryland is home to the award winning National Aquarium in Baltimore, which has more than 17,000 specimens. The museum boasts an open shark tank and a multiple-story coral reef.

The best crabs in the world come straight from Maryland. You will never experience a shortage of fresh blue crabs, because of Maryland’s proximity to the Chesapeake Bay. The Maryland natives are never tired of eating crabs, so grab your mallet and get ready to start eating some crab.

Maryland is a unique spot when it comes to hanging outdoors. It has all four seasons and you can go biking along the Blue Ridge Mountains, sink your toes into the sandy shores by the Chesapeake Bay or commute into D.C.

Speaking of D.C., Maryland is right next to the nation’s capital. You can easily commute for work or travel into the city for a quick little getaway! Our Maryland movers suggest living in Maryland to save on living expenses, and then commuting to work in the city.

If you love sports, Maryland is home to two world famous sports teams: The Orioles and the Baltimore Ravens. You will always have a team to root for during baseball and football season!


If you and your family just moved to Maryland in the beginning of summer, you’re in luck! There are plenty of activities that are guaranteed to keep the whole family entertained all the way through fall.

When you’re looking for a place to take the kids, Maryland movers suggest Rocky Gap State Park. Located in western Maryland, Rocky Gap is a large campground that sits on Lake Habeeb. It includes a large beach area with life guards, playgrounds, snack bars and boat rentals. There are also hiking and mountain biking trails for the more adventurous families.

The next place to take the family is to Flag Ponds Nature Park in Lusby. You’ll be able to find some hidden treasures here! Look for shark teeth and other fossils and do some bird watching. You’ll be able to cool off and enjoy the water during the summer in Maryland.

Another exciting water activity is the Baltimore Harbor. You and your family can board the Baltimore Water Taxi at 17 different stops throughout the city. This is a convenient and exciting way to show your family all that Baltimore has to offer.

An easy suggestion is hosting a summer backyard BBQ. Summertime in Maryland is pleasant, creating the perfect atmosphere to relax outside, play games, and have a cookout with family and friends.

For help unpacking in your new Maryland home, you can rely on the Maryland movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage to handle every step of the process. Call us today for a free moving quote.


Now that moving day is fast approaching, you probably have yet to touch your kitchen. Most people tend to forget this room until the very last minute. Fortunately, when you enlist Maryland packing services with All My Sons Moving & Storage, we can pack your pantry, food items, and kitchenware safely and effectively with our packing products. Want to know how to prepare your kitchen for us to pack it quickly?

You should start your packing your kitchen by cooking the food that is going to go to waste and throwing out all the items that don’t really have a shelf life for much longer. These items include: opened bags of snacks, opened frozen goods, defrosted meats, eggs and opened beverages.

Spices, condiments and oils are definitely worth moving to your new home- they just have to be packed correctly. Wrap your spices, condiments and oils in protective plastic wrap and pack them in their own box. Place bagged food in grocery bags and seal them with duct tape to eliminate leaking. Label these boxes “perishable” so you know to open them as soon as possible!

If you have a lot of canned food that you don’t have time to cook, consider donating the cans! There are local food banks and pantries in the area that would be so appreciative of this food.

Some people have freezers full of produce. If you don’t want to toss these items, pack your food in a cooler. A cooler will work for a short trip, but if you’re moving far you might want to use ice or even dry ice if you’re travelling far.

For quality Maryland packing services, call All My Sons today to get started.

Moving to a new city is a huge change. Oftentimes, you’ll find yourself trying to find a new routine, trying to bring consistency back into your life. What better time to start incorporating new healthier habits into your routine? Moving to Baltimore during spring gives you the perfect opportunity to build in a new workout routine to stay in shape throughout the year.

If you are looking for different physical activities to take part in after moving to Baltimore, check out the list below from the movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage, and get involved in the community. There is nothing better than working out and helping others at the same time.

Stay in Shape in March:

Baltimore Fitness Biathlon takes place on March 25, from 2-4 p.m. The event will host fitness classes at some of Baltimore’s best workout studios. All proceeds of the event will benefit Athletes Serving Athletes. Enjoy some running, biking, kicking, and even yoga while helping others!

Stay in Shape in April:

The 7th Annual Roland Park Country School Red Hot Run 5K and Family Fun Walk will take place on April 23, from 8:30-11 a.m. Registration starts in February and will continue until the day of the race. Those registered before April 5 will receive a shirt with registration. Run or walk by yourself or in a group. Regardless of how you choose to participate, all proceeds go to the Roland Park Country School, a preparatory school for girls.

After moving to Baltimore, kids may also need to get out and make new friends while getting in some exercise. This spring break, enroll your kids in Spring Break Basketball Camp at Paint Branch High School. Kids in grades 1 through 8 can participate daily between April 10 and 13.

Winter is over; spring, you’re on deck! Spring is finally coming into season and after a cold winter, there is nothing better than enjoying the warmth of the sun on your beautifully decorated deck. As winter comes to an end, plans to prepare your deck for the upcoming months are in full effect! Decorating a deck doesn’t have to be difficult, your local Baltimore movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage have put together two easy DIY tips for you to follow to get your deck spring ready!

Tip 1:

The first step in getting your deck spring ready is to furnish it with proper lighting and furniture that will make it a comfortable and desirable lounge area. If you have furniture for your deck in storage, bring it out and give it a fresh coat of paint or a good pressure cleaning (if applicable). A few small changes can leave your furniture looking like it just came home from the store. Also, if you do not have proper lighting around your deck, consider adding a string of lights across your deck or along the rails. Spring and summer usually gives you a few extra hours of sunlight, but adding additional lights will ensure your deck is ready for the coming months.

Tip 2:

In addition to giving your furniture a quick fix, don’t forget to give your deck some TLC this spring. To have your deck spring ready, make sure the wood and supports are in good condition. Does the wood need sealant or a fresh coat of paint? Try adding a pop of color to your deck this spring. A brilliant solid turquoise finish can really make your deck stand out. You could also go for a more modern look and paint a rug on your deck to highlight your patio table. Local Baltimore movers are huge fans of this trick because of its simplistic look, and as an added plus: it’s easy to do!

Baltimore local movers are proud to announce that the Third Annual AIDS Walk & Run Baltimore presented by Quest Diagnostics is taking place at the Maryland Zoo on Sunday, May 7.

Because HIV and AIDS are a major problem in America, the Baltimore local movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage encourage people in the community to support the cause in order to raise funds to further treatment options and methods of testing. The proceeds of the AIDS Walk & Run Baltimore support the Chase Brexton’s HIV and Aids programs. The goal is to raise $150,000 this year to further expand efforts of HIV testing, disease awareness, and healthcare programs from the run.

Chase Brexton has the leading role in battling HIV/AIDS for over three decades. Unfortunately, one in every five new HIV cases effect an individual between the ages of 13 to 24 years old. You can register to walk or run by starting a team or going solo, at The Baltimore local movers at All My Sons report that the event raised more than $87,000 last year, and despite the weather, more than 400 people came out to the Maryland Zoo to support the cause.

The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore is located at 1876 Mansion House Drive, Baltimore, MD 21217.

Love is in the air as the most romantic day of the year is right around the corner! Valentine’s Day is full of chocolate and roses and showing your love and affection to your partner and others who you love dearly. If you are looking for things to do this Valentine’s Day in Baltimore, the Baltimore local movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage have some ideas for you.

Valentine’s Day Couples Sip & Paint “Lovers Edition” – On February 14, enjoy a romantic evening eating, drinking, and painting with your partner. This event takes place from 8-10 p.m.

Mixology Class & Dinner for 2 – Learn how to craft cocktails with your partner, followed by a delicious dinner for $120 per couple. Baltimore local movers are disappointed to say that the day of Valentine’s Day is fully booked; however, February 12 and 13 are available for booking.

Running 4 Love 5K & 10K – This second annual virtual event supplies a metal set when put together spells love. You keep one half of the set and give the other half to someone you love. Baltimore local movers announce that 15% of every registration goes to Heart to Heart International. The cost is only $20 and you get to run the race with your partner whenever you wish! You choose a course and you report the time back to Moon Joggers.