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How to Properly Pack Your Flat Screen Television

Your flat screen television is a delicate and expensive item that requires proper packing to ensure its safety during transportation. Follow these tips from the Maryland movers at All My Sons for the best way to pack your flat screen TV to avoid any damage.

The best packing products to use for your flat screen TV are the original packaging. If you don’t have the original box or protective padding that was inside, don’t worry.

If you don’t have the original protective padding, you should wrap your flat screen TV using packing blankets or foam. You can also wrap the screen in bubble wrap for added protection, if you choose. Secure the wrapping with packing tape to keep it from shifting during moving. You should also tape any cords to the back of the TV to keep them from getting tangled.

If you no longer have the original box, you can purchase the correct sized packing products from your local Maryland moving company. Once you have the correct sized box, you should slide the TV inside. Make sure there is no empty space for the TV to rattle around. If you have any empty space, you should consider adding some packing paper to fill it. The box should be securely taped and you should reinforce the bottom to keep the TV from falling through.

Last but not least, clearly label the box “Fragile” and “This Side Up” on every side of the box. If you follow these tips to safely pack your flat screen TV, you should have no problems during your move!

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