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Get Your Deck Spring Ready

Winter is over; spring, you’re on deck! Spring is finally coming into season and after a cold winter, there is nothing better than enjoying the warmth of the sun on your beautifully decorated deck. As winter comes to an end, plans to prepare your deck for the upcoming months are in full effect! Decorating a deck doesn’t have to be difficult, your local Baltimore movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage have put together two easy DIY tips for you to follow to get your deck spring ready!

Tip 1:

The first step in getting your deck spring ready is to furnish it with proper lighting and furniture that will make it a comfortable and desirable lounge area. If you have furniture for your deck in storage, bring it out and give it a fresh coat of paint or a good pressure cleaning (if applicable). A few small changes can leave your furniture looking like it just came home from the store. Also, if you do not have proper lighting around your deck, consider adding a string of lights across your deck or along the rails. Spring and summer usually gives you a few extra hours of sunlight, but adding additional lights will ensure your deck is ready for the coming months.

Tip 2:

In addition to giving your furniture a quick fix, don’t forget to give your deck some TLC this spring. To have your deck spring ready, make sure the wood and supports are in good condition. Does the wood need sealant or a fresh coat of paint? Try adding a pop of color to your deck this spring. A brilliant solid turquoise finish can really make your deck stand out. You could also go for a more modern look and paint a rug on your deck to highlight your patio table. Local Baltimore movers are huge fans of this trick because of its simplistic look, and as an added plus: it’s easy to do!

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