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Packing Your Pantry and Refrigerator

Now that moving day is fast approaching, you probably have yet to touch your kitchen. Most people tend to forget this room until the very last minute. Fortunately, when you enlist Maryland packing services with All My Sons Moving & Storage, we can pack your pantry, food items, and kitchenware safely and effectively with our packing products. Want to know how to prepare your kitchen for us to pack it quickly?

You should start your packing your kitchen by cooking the food that is going to go to waste and throwing out all the items that don’t really have a shelf life for much longer. These items include: opened bags of snacks, opened frozen goods, defrosted meats, eggs and opened beverages.

Spices, condiments and oils are definitely worth moving to your new home- they just have to be packed correctly. Wrap your spices, condiments and oils in protective plastic wrap and pack them in their own box. Place bagged food in grocery bags and seal them with duct tape to eliminate leaking. Label these boxes “perishable” so you know to open them as soon as possible!

If you have a lot of canned food that you don’t have time to cook, consider donating the cans! There are local food banks and pantries in the area that would be so appreciative of this food.

Some people have freezers full of produce. If you don’t want to toss these items, pack your food in a cooler. A cooler will work for a short trip, but if you’re moving far you might want to use ice or even dry ice if you’re travelling far.

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