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The Maryland city of Baltimore has reported to have begun preparations for inauguration weekend. The Inauguration of Presidential Elect Donald Trump will be taking place in Washington D.C. on January 20,, 2017. Baltimore is just about 40 miles outside of Washington D.C., and this city is already feeling the upcoming traffic. Baltimore local movers from All My Sons Moving & Storage state that this will be a big weekend in Baltimore, and the local economy is likely to benefit from it.

Because these two cities are just a short commute, many hotels, shuttles, car services and more have reported they are experiencing heavy calls and reservations for the weekend of the inauguration. Over 800,000 people are expected to attend the event. Whether they will be in attendance to support or protest, the surrounding cities will feel the effects. Mayor Catherine Pugh further adds that Baltimore is preparing for inauguration weekend by ensuring that officials and law enforcement will be present to keeps protests peaceful and aid in the safety of the community of Baltimore. Pugh has taken efforts to bring Baltimore’s needs to Trump’s attention. After meeting with Trump, Pugh is working towards asking him to consider more federal funding to improve Baltimore’s infrastructure.

Baltimore local movers agree that inauguration weekend will be a busy one for the city. With many people traveling into the city, there will be increased amounts of traffic. If you plan to attend the inauguration, Baltimore local movers advise making arrangements as far in advance as possible, and plan out your weekend ahead of time.

Any food lover residing in Maryland will have their sights set on Baltimore this January. The Baltimore Winter Restaurant Week is back and better than ever! If you have an appreciation for cuisine, this is the event for you. Showcasing some of Baltimore’s most famous restaurants, this event gives everyone’s taste buds the opportunity to be satisfied. All My Sons Moving & Storage movers in Baltimore state that this event is a great way for everyone to get a real taste of Baltimore.

The event starts on January 13, and will continue until January 22. Various restaurants have partnered with Visit Baltimore and the Downtown Partnership to create specialized menus to offer to patrons throughout Baltimore Winter Restaurant Week. Two course brunch/lunch menus will be available for under $20. Three course dinners will be available for under $35. Baltimore movers announce that various restaurants will be adding cocktail, beer, and wine pairings as well.

The Baltimore Winter Restaurant Week will feature cuisines that will appeal to everyone. From classic American to Italian, Japanese, Latin, Indian, French, Middle Eastern, and much more, there will be many options to choose from. Your local movers in Baltimore add that this is a great way to submerge yourself in your new community. This week gives anyone in or near the Baltimore area the opportunity to try any of the many restaurants this city has to offer. Sample your way through the city with friends, family, or mingle on your own!

The holiday revels are almost finished and the year is about to be over. With your friends and family still in the loop of your holiday gatherings, get everyone to spend some time out on the town for the remainder of the year! Ring in the New Year with some of these exciting New Year’s Eve Celebrations in Maryland, courtesy of your local Maryland movers.

Six Flags America: Holiday in the Park – Finish off your year with amusement park rides! With more than a million glittering lights and holiday entertainment, Six Flags America: Holiday in the Park ends on January 2.

Baltimore’s New Year’s Eve Celebrations – On December 31 from 9 p.m. until 12:30 a.m., you can be a part of a giant New Year’s Eve Celebration with great music, dancing, and a huge firework display at midnight.

First Night Talbot – From 6 p.m. until midnight on December 31, the biggest New Year’s Eve party will be hosted in the Midshore Area. You can view plenty of musicians, dancers, and actors here doing what they do best. Your local Maryland movers also announce that the crab drops at midnight!

Krumpe’s Donut Drop – If you love Hagerstown, head over to watch the big doughnut drop at midnight! One of our favorite New Year’s Eve celebrations in Maryland is the place where you can gather on the square downtown for free popcorn, coffee, cocoa, and delicious donuts made by Krumpe’s.

Check out these celebrations and more things to do in Maryland during the holiday season on our blog!

As the holiday spirit fills the air and your family and friends start rolling in, there is no better way to celebrate the most wonderful time of year than in Maryland. With no further ado, professional movers and packers in Maryland share some of the greatest and most beautiful Christmas towns in Maryland for spreading the holiday cheer.

St. Michaels – Get out this weekend for the 30th anniversary of one of the most famous Christmas towns in Maryland. Ending on December 11, your movers and packers in Maryland want to make sure you do not miss the Talbot Street Parade, featuring more than 50 different groups of people sharing Christmas love, including Mr. and Mrs. Claus!

Annapolis – Out of all of the Christmas towns in Maryland, Annapolis might be one of the best places to soak up the holiday spirit. Midnight Madness occurs on December 1, 8, and 15, where select stores downtown stay open until midnight for bargain-hunters to score. The city offers free 3-hour parking. The electric wonderland of holiday lights, Lights on the Bay, for its 20th anniversary is a must-see, at Sandy Point State Park.

Baltimore  Everyday until December 31, the spectacular light show on 34th Street will be on display for you to remain in amazement all season long. Local movers and packers in Maryland at All My Sons adore everything this city has to offer during the holidays, including the season ice rink at the Inner Harbor!

Check out these and more of the beautiful Christmas towns in Maryland this December.

Moving is a highly specialized and stressful process, so you don’t want to be stuck with just any Maryland moving company, you want the best of the best. All My Sons Moving & Storage Maryland offers advice in the form of these questions to ask movers before you hire them.

Do You Have Any Moving Company Discounts?

Moving in winter gives you the benefit of discounts, and even some bargaining power. Winter is typically slow season for moving companies, so they are more open to bargain and meet you on price. Be sure to ask about potential discounts when talking to any Maryland moving company.

Do You Have Moving Insurance?

Insurance is just one of those questions to ask movers before you hire them, and it should be standard. It is even more important when moving in winter because a lot more can go wrong due to weather conditions.

Climate Controlled Storage Units

If you are storing your belongings before, during, or after moving to Maryland, be sure to ask about climate controlled storage units. Cold weather can wreak havoc on your belongings. Questions to ask movers are often centered around price and quality is forgotten, don’t let this be the case. Quality matters most when it comes to hiring a Maryland moving company during winter.

How Do the Movers Plan to Prevent Damage?

For example, cold weather makes wood brittle, which makes moving a table from the moving truck to your new home is scary. If you hire a professional Maryland moving company, they will have the tools to ensure that nothing is damaged: dollies, moving quilts, and experience. You can’t put a price on that.

Of all the times of the year and of all the places in the world, spending Thanksgiving in Maryland alone is the best possible scenario. A lot of people spend this time of year alone, so it is not unusual for you to either, especially after moving to Maryland.


They say when you give, you receive, and isn’t Thanksgiving all about giving? If you can’t find anything to do, then volunteer. There is no better way to throw yourself into the community and meet new people after moving to Maryland than to volunteer, so get started on Thanksgiving!

Find Something to Do in Maryland on Thanksgiving Day

Even if you are more of a homebody, try get out there and find something great to do. The Visit Maryland calendar of events is a good place to start. You will be surprised how much is happening on Thanksgiving Day.

Call people back home and touch base with them. Tell them how you are spending you Thanksgiving in Maryland and paint them a picture of the awesome event you are at!

Remember You Are Not Alone

People have an expectation that the holidays are meant to be perfect. The idea of this picture-perfect Thanksgiving surrounded by friends and family is just not the norm for everyone. Thousands of people spend Thanksgiving in Maryland alone, so find a great spot to have dinner, and maybe you will meet new people after moving to Maryland.

Give thanks, be merry, and from all of us at All My Sons Moving & Storage, Happy Thanksgiving!

What better way to enjoy the Halloween and fall season than checking out some of the best harvest festivals in Maryland. Fun to do with friends, family, or your significant other, your Maryland residential movers suggest that this is one of the best ways to embrace the season! Check out this list of the best harvest festivals in Maryland.

Horseman Farm. The harvest fest at Horseman Farm has been going on since the end of September and will continue until the end of October. Enjoy petting zoos with your children, getting lost in the corn maze with your loved one, or making a scarecrow with your family!

Green Street Gardens. Another harvest festival that will continue through the end of October is the Green Street Gardens. You can enjoy hayrides and pick pumpkins with your family. The underground slide feature at the Green Street Gardens sets this festival apart from the rest.

Butlers Pumpkin Fest. As one of the best harvest festivals in Maryland, you will not be disappointed at Butlers Pumpkin Fest. Enjoy pumpkin carving, eating food, shopping at the farmer’s market, and hanging out at the apple orchard.

The Homestead Garden Fall Festival. Visit the animals at the barnyard or enjoy the live entertainment that will be going on all throughout the October weekends at The Homestead Garden Fall Festival.

Your Maryland residential movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage hope you enjoy the best harvest festivals in Maryland. Allow the fall season to bring your family together!

Come and embrace the season while enjoying some of the greatest EDM, with over 70 of the best DJs from around the world coming together for this music and dance festival. Your Maryland movers state that this music festival fully embraces the season, making this the perfect event for Halloween lovers!

The Nightmare Festival takes place October 28-30. Maryland movers suggest going to this event with your friends for the best time possible. Single day or weekend passes are available, and there are camping grounds for those who really want to make the best out of their experience.

In addition to the music aspect of this event for Halloween, there will be various costume contests! Your Maryland movers report that locals and others visiting for this event will go all out for the festival. To further embrace the season, there will be many haunted houses, as well as haunted walks through the woods. Pumpkin carving contests and live graffiti art will be taking place throughout the weekend as well!

While this festival is stated to be a great event for Halloween lovers, the music aspect of this festival will please anyone.

All My Sons Moving & Storage local movers agree that this festival is a great way to meet a younger crowd and make new friends. Music and dance festivals such as these are always filled with positivity. Even though this specific festival embraces the Halloween spirit, it will not lack in the friendly atmosphere and great time that comes along with all music festivals.

Amazon Prime is well-known these days and is growing in popularity. They offer same-day delivery and members-only benefits that have capitalized the online shopping and delivery platform for some time now. However, Google is answering back to stay in the arms race in delivery services in Maryland other areas located on the east coast. Your local Maryland movers are here to break down what this big news means for Maryland.

Google Express made its first debut back in 2013 in select cities, but then expanded to 16 states earlier this year. As of September 28, Google Express added 13 more states to the list. This expansion is part of a push to make Google Express available nationwide by the end of the year. You will find one big difference between the two delivery services: Amazon pushes products, whereas Google Express works with a limited number of retailers like Costco, PetSmart, Kohl’s and Whole Foods Market. Google Express is taking the approach to connect shoppers with brands, as opposed to specific products.

All of these delivery services in Maryland come with a price tag in order to receive these convenient benefits. Local Maryland movers suggest signing up for a membership if you want to see the true savings. Google Express offers either a $10 a month or $95 a year membership, which includes free delivery on orders of at least $15. There is one restriction that your local Maryland movers noticed that could be the deciding factor for buyers: AmazonFresh will deliver fresh food to your doorstep, while Google Express is sticking with non-perishable food items.

It all depends on what you are shopping for online or if you are looking for a particular brand. Either way, the delivery services in Maryland offer top level convenience for any consumer. This is great news for the Maryland area, which means more options are coming in the future for the region. For more helpful information and moving tips, look to your friendly local Maryland movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage.

Now is the time of year when the leaves start changing and we catch a break from the warm weather. The fall is the perfect time for outdoor activities with the whole family. Going to a fall festival is a great way to take advantage of what the fall season has to offer. After moving to Maryland, be sure to make a visit to Summers Farm’s 20th Annual Fall Festival in Frederick, Maryland, beginning on September 24, ending on October 31.

Summer’s Farms has something interesting for everyone in the family. Stop by the 15-acre pumpkin patch to find the biggest pumpkin you can see, or take your chances in making it out of a 12-acre cornfield maze! Popular activities happening at the farm are the hayrides, petting zoo for barnyard animals, and both apple and pumpkin cannons. On the weekends, there is live music, campfires, and fireworks taking the fall fun into the night. You definitely can not miss out on trying the finger-lickin’ good food. You are also able to take home some homemade apple cider, donuts, and caramel apples!

Moving to Maryland can be a stressful transition, but you take advantage of the great weather and festivities to ease into it! To help relieve some stress, check out these helpful tips while moving to Maryland from your friendly movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage.