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Need moving boxes?

Below are a list of the various types of moving boxes one would need to pack their belongings. Identify the boxes that work best for your relocation.

File Boxes

Your home and business files need special protection. Don’t just throw your file folders haphazardly in a random box.

Wardrobe Boxes

There’s nothing worse than unpacking and finding your clothes in a wrinkled, unwearable pile. Wardrobe boxes often come with a metal bar that allows you to hang up your clothes so they’ll store properly.

Frame Boxes

These are boxes designed specifically for things like picture frames and other large, breakable items. Pack them well and store them a frame box to prevent breakage.

Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large Boxes

These are all purpose boxes. In general it’s best to pack your items as tightly as possible. Thus, pack your items in logical groupings of type and kind, in the smallest container those items will allow.

Also, when packing heavy items such as books, you’ll want to pack them into the smallest containers possible. Packing a large box with too many books will make the item dangerously heavy. Don’t take the risk! If the chore of packing becomes overwhelming, contact your local Maryland Mover for the best packing rate.

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