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Men, A Valentine’s Day Pep Talk with your Maryland Mover

Valentines Day is only ten short days away! Husbands and boyfriends everywhere are in a widespread state of panic as wives and girlfriends look forward to the most romantic Valentines evening ever… or else! Some guys have the natural ability to completely screw up every romantic endeavor they embark upon; hence the Valentines Day anxiety experienced by many taken men. Every guy seems to have his own fail style when it comes to Valentines Day, birthdays and anniversaries. There is the classic procrastinator, or even worse, the full-fledged forgetter! There’s the underachiever, and the overachiever who puts more money than thought into showing his lady how special she is… achieving nothing! Valentines Day just isn’t our day, men. Why? Being in a relationship, married or not, you are part of a team. Perhaps you are hopeless without the support of your MVP.

Why not vow to make this Valentine’s Day different? We still have ten days to show the women in our lives how important they are to us, and how much we love them. If you have been with your lady for long enough to botch multiple Valentine operations, she may not have much faith left in your abilities to woo her; this can be an advantage if you play your cards right. Valentine’s Day isn’t rocket science, for most guys the recipe for a successful V-Day can be pretty simple, example: Take two parts romantic cliché (box of chocolates, bouquet of flowers, rose petal path to the bedroom, etc), one part sacred memorable moment (first date, first kiss, first [insert event here]), and maybe two to three parts unexpected thoughtful gesture (write a heart-felt love letter, cook a dish that can somehow incorporate heart shaped ingredients, write her a song, lead her blind-folded to a top-secret location for a private candle-lit dinner), let simmer all night. That’s not too hard is it? Get your head in the game guys! Show your MVP how much she means to you so you don’t have to be a bench warmer this year! Your professional Maryland mover believes in you, good luck, and happy Valentine’s Day!

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